What does Animal Services do?



  • Investigate Animal Bite Reports
  • Investigate Animal Cruelty Cases and Livestock Depredations by Domesitc Animals
  • Issue County Animal Licensing
  • Enforce Local and State Laws Pertaining to Animals
  • Provide Low Cost Rabies Clinics
  • Pick-up Stray Domestic Animals and Loose Livestock
  • Offer Low Cost Microchipping
  • Maintain Lost and Found Records to Reunite Pets with Their Owners
  • Safely Transfer Animals to New Caring Homes or Rescue Organizations
  • Provide Public Education on Feeding, Caring for, and Laws Regarding Animals
  • Maintain a Wanted Book to Place Animals with New Homes


Cat image provided by Chip Dingman Photography

Other Resources



  • Problems or questions regarding wildlife? Call U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services

at (800)344-WILD  (9453) or visit them at https://www.fws.gov/

  • Injured non-predatory animals, contact Tri County Wildlife

at (209)283-3245 or http://www.pawspartners.org/tcwc.html


Deceased Animals on Roads

  • State highways, contact CalTrans at (209)948-7543.
  • County maintained roads, contact Calaveras County Public Works at (209)754-6402