Lost & Found Pets

1. Search for lost pets at Animal Services.

2. Fill out a lost report as completely as possible at ALL shelters near you.

Most shelters ask that you file a lost report in person to insure that you have the opportunity to look for your pet and also look through the shelter "Found Book".

3. Check the "Found" section of the newspaper.

4. Search the neighborhood where your pet was lost.

Show a picture of your pet and ask others to keep an eye out for your pet.

5. Check Social Media and Craigslist


Don't give up. Pets are sometimes reunited with their owners several weeks after they are lost.

Remember - Shelters receive animals other than dogs and cats, if you have lost ANY animal please check your local shelter and file a lost report.

Names and Phone Numbers of Local Shelters:

  • Amador County Animal Control (209) 223-6378
  • Tuolumne County Animal Control (209) 694-2730
  • San Joaquin/Stockton Animal Services (209) 937-8274
  • Oakdale Animal Control (209) 847-5625

State Law requires persons finding a lost pet call their local animal shelter and report that they have
found an animal and leave their address or phone number as well as a description of the animal.

Click here to see pictures of current
found pets in our care.

PetHarbor.com offers local and regional listings of current Calaveras County Animal Shelter residents, including list and adoptable pets.

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Petfinder.com offers nationwide pet adoption listing and other pet resources.

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Local homeless pets will be listed in the Petfinder database. Calaveras
County Shelter listings are updated daily by Animal Services staff.





Photography provided by Ed Ransom