Why Should I License My Dog?

As stated in Calaveras County Code Title #6, Chapter 6.14.020 Dog License Required.

A. Every person owning or having custody of any dog four months of age or older shall procure for the dog a Calaveras County dog license. Such license shall be procured within fifteen days after the date on which it becomes due.

Why Should Your Dog's License be Your Priority?

If your dog gets lost, a license tag on your dog's collar is one of the fastest methods to reunite you and your dog. One in three pets will get lost in its life. Most of the lost pets who are found wearing a tag will get home. Most of the lost pets found not wearing a tag WILL NOT get home. A visible identification tag is the lost pet’s best chance of getting home.

Licensing lets people know that your dog companion has received required vaccinations that protect your dog from rabies.

Where Can I Purchase a Dog License?

Calaveras County Animal Services
891 Mountain Ranch Road
San Andreas, CA 95249


What Will I Need to License My Dog?

  • A certificate of current rabies vaccination - the rabies vaccination must remain valid during the entire duration of the license.
  • Proof of spay or neuter if the dog has been altered, and if we don’t already have it in our system.
  • A completed “Dog License Application” form found on our Forms page.

What are the Fees for Licensing a Dog?

Dog License Type
Fee: 1 Year
Fee: 2 Years
Fee: 3 Years
Senior Fee: Spayed/Neutered
Senior Fee: Unaltered