Animal Services

Michael Vasquez, Manager

891 Mountain Ranch Road
San Andreas, CA 95249
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901 Jeff Tuttle Drive
San Andreas, CA 95249
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PHONE: (209) 754-6509
FAX: (209) 754-6815
Tues - Sat: 10am - 4pm
Closed Sunday, Monday, & Holidays

Fee Flexibility Program

  • Any animal that has been available for adoption for more than 15 days,
    the overall fee for the adoption will be 50% off. Please note that the
    stray/wait period does NOT count towards the 15 days.
  • Overpopulation: We are limited to 21 dog kennels and 34 cat cages.
    When either of these get to 80% full or above, the total adoption fee
    will be 50% off.
  • The 55-5-5 program: Any adopter over 55 years old adopting any pet
    over 5 years old will pay a total adoption fee of $5.00.


Items of Interest

Online Bite Report Form 15 December 2023

Online Bite Report Form

Private parties and medical professionals can use this form to report animal bites or exposures to Animal Services and Public Health.

Barking Dogs 15 January 2020

Barking Dogs

Everything you need to know about barking dogs.

Codes & Laws 15 January 2020

Codes & Laws

Calaveras County Animal Services Municipal Codes.

Follow Us 15 January 2020

Follow Us

Everything animal-related.

Forms & Documents 15 January 2020

Forms & Documents

Forms for adoptions, licensing, public records requests, and more.

Online Complaint Form 17 January 2020

Online Complaint Form

Submit a confidential animal complaint here.

Rehome Your Pet 7 May 2020

Rehome Your Pet

Find Your Pet A Loving Forever Home using this free service.

Adopt-a-Pet can help you rehome your pet.

Search for Lost Pets 15 January 2020

Search for Lost Pets

Let us help you find your lost family member.

Services & Licensing Fees 15 January 2020

Services & Licensing Fees

Animal Services Fee Structure.

How to Support the Animals

Donate to FOCAS 15 January 2020

Donate to FOCAS

Donate to help support unwanted and homeless pets.

Give Happiness to Shelter Pets 15 January 2020

Give Happiness to Shelter Pets

Purchase items for use in our shelter.

Pet Adoptions 15 January 2020

Pet Adoptions

Give A Hand.
Save A Life.
Open Your Heart.

Volunteer 17 January 2020


Volunteering is a great way to support the animals in our community.

Community Partners

FOCAS 15 January 2020


Friends of Calaveras Animal Services.

Hold Your Horses 7 December 2020

Hold Your Horses

Livestock Emergency Evacuation Response Team.

Humane Society 7 December 2020

Humane Society

Services Include a Pet Food Bank.